Montreal Resting State fMRI Workshop

On May 29, 2014 MCIN held the first RSfMRI workshop in Montreal. Attended by more than 130 students and researchers, representative work on the topic from nine labs at the MNI, the Douglas Hospital and CRIUGM were presented.

In less than a decade, resting-state functional MRI has become an important paradigm for studying the network properties of brain function, providing convincing evidence for the Hebbian concept of neuronal assemblies that act in coherence, and constitute the functional organization of the brain.

Home to Wilder Penfield and Donald Hebb, Montreal has a proud legacy in the science and technology aimed at characterizing the functional topography of the brain and its relation to neurophysiology. Sponsored by McGill Center for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN), and supported by McConnell Brain Imaging Center and Montreal Neurological Institute, this workshop provides an opportunity to learn about the status of RSfMRI research in Montreal, and to become familiar with important neurophysiological, clinical and methodological aspects of this research.

Unique insights on methodological approach, research applications and computational infrastructure as well as the collaborative opportunities for multimodal functional neuroimaging were discussed.

For program abstracts, see handout : RSfMRI_workshop_Handout_2405141203RA

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