MCIN Administration

Alan Evans, Principal Investigator and Director (CVPublications)

Reza Adalat: Assoc. Director of Operations
Terry Kaluta: Finance and Admin Officer
Mary Chin: Administrative Coordinator

PJ Toussaint: Research Associate (BigBrain, HiBall)
Patrick Bermudez: Research Associate (CONP)

MCIN Technology Development and Support

LORIS Data Systems (in alphabetical order)

Samir Das: Assoc. Director of Software Development (LORIS)

Rida Abou-Haidar: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Rolando Acosta Sanchez: Research Software Developer (CCNA)
Xavier Boucher: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Camille Beaudoin: Research Software Developer (CCNA)
Nicolas Brossard: Research Software Developer (IBIS)
Aarushi Chaudhry: Research Software Developer (IBIS, HBCD)
Laetitia Fesselier: Research Software Developer (EEGNet)
Milad Heshmati: Research Software Development (CCNA)
Charlie Henri-Bellemare: Research Project Officer (CCNA)
Moshood Kolawole: Research Software Developer: (IBIS, HBCD)
Dave MacFarlane: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Leigh MacIntyre: Assoc. Director, Project Management (IBIS, HBCD)
Cecile Madjar: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Sruthy Mathew: Research Software Developer (IBIS)
George Murad: Research Software Developer (IBIS, HBCD)
Regis Ongaro: Research Software Developer: (LORIS Core)
Christine Rogers: Research Project Officer (CONP, EEGNet)
Zaliqa Rosli: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Santiago Torres: Research Project Officer (IBIS, HBCD)
Shen Wang: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)
Alizee Wickenheiser: Research Software Developer (LORIS Core)

CBRAIN Platform (in alphabetical order)

Bryan Caron: Assoc. Director of Operations and Development (NeuroHub)

Natacha Beck: Consultant (CBRAIN)
Serge Boroday: Research Software Developer (CBRAIN)
Emmet O’Brien: Research Software Developer (NeuroHub)
Darcy Quesnel: Research Platform Developer (NeuroHub)
Pierre Rioux: Senior Research Software and Supervisor (CBRAIN)

Visualization & Machine Learning

Claude Lepage: Research Associate (BigBrain)
Lindsay Lewis: Research Associate (BigBrain)

IT and Infrastructure

John Le: Research Systems Administrator (IT and Support)
Andy Teng: Research Systems Administrator (IT and Infrastructure)

Web Development and Administration

Derek Lo

Current MCIN Research (in alphabetical order)

Research Associates

Jorge Bosch-Bayard
Najmeh Khalili-Mahani
Budha Khundrakpam
Alex Zijdenbos

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ralph Cui
Jordan DeKraker
Katie Lavigne
Mellie Zhang

PhD Students

Stefan Drakulich
Xuan Li
Sebastian Urchs
Jiadong Yan

Master’s Students

Mark Bai

Alumni and Affiliate Faculty (in sequential order)


  1. Sayed Jovkar Optimization of sampling schedules for kinetic PET (1988)
  2. Micheline Kamber Automatic Detection of multiple sclerosis lesions in human brain MRI (1991)
  3. Andrew Lukban Evaluation of SPECT/MRI registration errors (1994, with G. Dean)
  4. Weiqun Gu Automated tracer-independent MRI/PET image registration (1996)
  5. Vasken Kollokian Automated tissue classification in human brain MRI (1996)
  6. Remi Kwan An extensible MRI simulator (1997, with B. PIke)
  7. John Sled Automatic correction of intensity non-uniformity in MRI (1997)
  8. Hing-Cheung Chui 3D registration and analysis in magnetic resonance       imaging (1998)
  9. Mark Wolforth A system for the acquisition and analysis of blood data for PET (1998)
  10. Chris Cocosco Automatic brain tissue classification from MRI  (2002)
  11. Vivek Singh Partial Volume Correction in MRI Segmentation           (2005)
  12. Ivanov Automated tissue classification of large image databases (2006)
  13. Sarah Assadian MRI ligand development (2007)
  14. Kelvin Mok Simulation of MRI data M.Sc. (2006)
  15. Jonathan Lau Mouse brain stereotaxic MRI analysis pipeline (2006, with B. Bedell)
  16. Hosung Kim Cortical thickness analysis in epilepsy (2007, with A. Bernasconi)
  17. Pierre Besson Structural MRI analysis in epilepsy (2007, with A. Bernasconi)
  18. Jahyun Koo Accelerated image analysis with reconfigurable computers (2007, with W. Gross)
  19. Brocke Addison Microstructural basis of cortical thickness changes due to learning (2012-14)


  1. Louis Collins 3D model-based segmentation of individual brain structures from MRI (1995)
  2. David MacDonald Surface identification and matching in 3D images (1998, with D. Avis)
  3. Olivier Rousset In-vivo correction of partial volume effects in PET, (1998, U. de Lyon)
  4. Yilong Ma A 3-D PET simulation system for quantitative functional imaging (2001)
  5. Mary Chiavaras Anatomy, cytoarchitecture of orbitofrontal cortex (2001, with M. Petrides)
  6. Serge Dumoulin fMRI of motion mechanisms and human vision      (2003, with R. Hess)
  7. Steven Robbins Mapping the human brain in 3D and 2D manifold (2003, with S. Whiteside)
  8. Jason Lerch Cortical Thickness: Anatomy, methodology and epidemiology (2005)
  9. Oliver Lyttelton Meta-analysis of multimodal brain imaging data (2010)
  10. Yasser Ad-Dab’bagh Cortical thickness in pediatric psychiatry (with Eric Fombonne)
  11. Zhang (John) Chen Graph theory of structural connectivity (2011)
  12. Najmeh Khalili Structural-functional imaging of stress (2009-2013, with J. Pruessner)
  13. Maxime Boucher Cortical brain development (2005-2011, with K. Siddiqi)
  14. Xuntao Yin, Genetic influence on brain network properties (2010-2014)

Research Fellows

  1. Curt Beil Human brain atlas (1987-88)
  2. Jaime Torrescorzo Human brain atlas (with Dr.  J.-G. Villemure) (1989)
  3. Wei Lin-tong 3-D imaging of rat brain (with Drs.  A. Beaudet, B. Jones) (1989-90)
  4. Youpu Zhang MRI-constrained PET image reconstruction (1990-1994)
  5. Cécile Sorlié 3-D Human brain atlas (March 1993-1995)
  6. Jose Espinoza MRI/PET in neurosurgical planning in epilepsy (July 1993-1994)
  7. David Reutens 3-D MRI/PET imaging in epilepsy (March 1993-1995)
  8. Xiaolong Ouyang MRI/PET imaging analysis (September 1993-1994)
  9. Colin Holmes MRI neuroanatomy reference atlas (October 1993-1995)
  10. Alex Zijdenbos Automated segmentation of MS lesions in MRI (1994-1997)
  11. Georges LeGoualher Automated extraction of cortical sulci from 3D MRI (1997-2001)
  12. Noor Kabani Quantitative neuroanatomy in normal brain and FLI (1995-2000)
  13. Louis Collins Automated 3D segmentation of brain regions (1997-2000)
  14. Alexander Thiel, Partial Volume Correction of PET data (2000-01)
  15. Rik Stokking MRI Segmentation (2000-2001)
  16. Barry Bedell MRI ligand development (2000-2004)
  17. Anthonin Reilhac Partial Volume Correction of PET data (2000-2002)
  18. June Sic Kim Automated extraction of cortical features from 3D MRI (2002-2004)
  19. Richard Webster MRI studies in children with SLI (2002-04, with Dr.  Michael Shevell)
  20. Andrew Goertzen Animal PET methodology (2003-2006)
  21. Pedro Rosa-Neto PET imaging of altanserin (2004-2008)
  22. Cherine Fahim Imaging-genetics in the Quebec Newborn Twin Study (2004-9)
  23. Yong He Anatomical-functional connectivity in Alzheimer’s Disease (2005-2008)
  24. Uicheul Yoon Heritability of neuroanatomy in Quebec Newborn Twin Study (2006-10)
  25. Krista Hyde Cortical thickness analysis in auditory processing and autism (2006-10)
  26. Pierre Bellec Statistical analysis methods in fMRI connectivity (2006-10)
  27. Sherif Karama Neurodevelopment (2007-2017)
  28. Junki Lee Cortical surface analysis using MRI (2007-2011)
  29. Cédric Clouchoux Cortical surface atlas from 3D MRI (2007-2010)
  30. Gaolang Gong Network analysis of cortical morphology (2008-2010)
  31. Linzhong Fan Structural mapping of the human cerebellum (2008-2009)
  32. Xiaoxin Guo Artifact correction in pediatric MRI data (2008-2009)
  33. Bertha Gonzales Imaging of pediatric brain development (2009-2010)
  34. Nataliya Portman Mathematical modeling of neuroanatomical variability (2010-2013)
  35. Andrew Reid Network Analysis of cortical morphology (2010-2013)
  36. Lu Zhao Cortical volume analysis (2010-2015)
  37. Jennifer Goldman Neurobiological basis of macroscopic network architecture (2014-2017)
  38. José María Mateos Perez Multivariate modeling of neurodevelopment (2014-2016)
  39. Penelope Kostopoulos
  40. Andrija Stajduhar
  41. Mouna Safi-Harb: Research Software Developer (CCNA)
  42. Marc Fournier
  43. Jonathan Lurie
  44. Yasser Itturia-Medina
  45. Mona Omidyeganeh
  46. Francois Chouinard
  47. Xindi Wang
  48. Yashar Zeighami
  49. Noor Al-Sharif
  50. Charlie Henri-Bellemare
  51. Greg Kiar
  52. Sebastian Urchs
  53. Jacob Vogel

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