Available Positions:

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Posted: March 2018

MR0388 Software Developer

Posted: August 2017

LIS1708 Loris Imaging Specialist

Posted: March 2017

CFICBVI201703 Visualization Software Developer

CFICBSD201703 CBRAIN Software Developer

Posted: January 2017

LSDCAP1701 LORIS Software developer [1 position]

Posted: August 2016

LSDCAP1608 LORIS Software developer and Bioinformatics specialist

MSD20160803: Software Developer: Platform Interoperability [Filled]

LSDCCNA1608: CCNA LORIS Software developer [1 full-time and 1 part time] — [Filled].

Posted: April 2016

SDLSI280416: Summer Internship – MCIN Software Development (LORIS) [multiple positions] — [Filled].

Posted: January 2016

MSD20160112: MCIN Software Developer [multiple positions]  — [Filled].

Posted: September 2015

MSD201509: Software Developer (3D Graphics) [1 position] — [Filled].

LSA201509: Linux System Administrator [1 position] — [Filled].

Posted: August 2015

MISCCNA20150804: MCIN Imaging Specialist (CCNA) — [Filled].

Posted: March 2015

IPS201503: MCIN Image Processing Specialist [2 positions] — [Filled].

MWD201503: MCIN Web Developer [1 position] — [Filled].