LORIS is a web-accessible database solution for neuroimaging. LORIS provides a secure online database infrastructure to automate the flow of clinical data for complex multi-site neuroimaging studies. [more]


CBRAIN is a collaborative, web-enabled grid platform that allows researchers to perform computationally expensive analyses on distributed data by connecting them to High-Performance Computing (HPC) facilities across Canada and around the World.  [more]


The MINC file format (conceived and developed by Peter Neelin in 1992) provides a flexible medical imaging data format. Since 2006, MINC2 provides support for multi-gigabyte datasets. MINC2 is backward compatible and supports the original MINC data (based on NetCDF data format). [more]


A fully automated easy-to-use human brain imaging pipeline for preprocessing, quality control and analysis of large MRI data sets. [more]

The Big Brain


We develop different visualization technologies to accommodate viewing and manually segmenting brain images at ultra-high and web optimized resolutions [more]