$20M donated to create Tanenbaum Open Science Institute


The Montreal Neurological Institute is hoping to change the way discoveries are made with the help of a multi-million dollar donation.

Larry Tanenbaum and his wife Judy are giving $20 million to create the Tanenbaum Open Science Institute, which will collect and make available research on neurological diseases.

The official announcement was made Friday in conjunction with McGill University, which is affiliated with the institute, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Modeled after the idea of open source software, the institute will also keep the research patent-free and make its findings freely accessible worldwide.

The approach is meant to speed up the time it takes for research to translate into treatment for patients.

“Our goal is simple: to accelerate brain research and discovery to relieve suffering,” said Tanenbaum.

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‟Today, we take an important step forward in opening up new horizons in neuroscience research and discovery,” said Mr. Larry Tanenbaum. ‟Our digital world provides for unprecedented opportunities to leverage advances in technology to the benefit of science.  That is what we are celebrating here today: the transformation of research, the removal of barriers, the breaking of silos and, most of all, the courage of researchers to put patients and progress ahead of all other considerations.”

– Caption from McGill Newsroom. Read the full article here