MARC website featured on TV for World Alzheimer’s Day

The Montreal Alzheimer Research for a Cure (MARC) initiative and website were recently featured on several television networks as part of World Alzheimer’s Day. The founder of MARC, Dorothy Reitman of the Reitman Family Foundation, was interviewed for a segment on CTV. In addition, Jacob Vogel of the MCIN lab was also interviewed to provide a scientific background to the work.

CTV Montreal
Published Wednesday, September 21, 2016 10:08PM EDT

Wednesday marked World Alzheimer’s Day, a disease that some Montrealers believe local researchers will soon be able to stamp out.

Among the disease’s casualties was Cyril Reitman, a Montrealer well known for the clothing store that bears his name.

“It was horrendous to see this man decline,” said Reitman’s widow, Dorothy. “It just broke my heart to watch this, and as it happened, I decided it must never happen again. We must prevent this.”

Dorothy Reitman is now the driving force behind a fundraising campaign aimed at helping Montreal-based scientists to find a cure.

Among those researchers is Jacob Vogel of McGill University’s integrative program in neuroscience. He works in Dr. Alan Evan’s lab, which specializes in brain imaging, or the mapping and rendering of how the brain works.

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Près de 35 millions de personnes sont atteintes de la maladie d’Alzheimer dans le monde. La journée mondiale qui lui est consacrée le 21 septembre est l’occasion de faire le point sur les différentes recherches en cours et notamment celles effectuées à Montréal.

La docteure Andréa C. Leblanc travaille depuis plus de 25 ans à la découverte d’un médicament pour endiguer cette maladie dégénérative.

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